building a strategy

Building a strategy for your business in Nigeria

As an executive of a successful multinational firm, you’re aware of how important strategic planning and management is when it comes to growing a company and achieving long-term goals. Without an informed plan in place, you risk making uninformed decisions that could ultimately harm your company. Therefore, it is essential…
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sales agent hiring

Sales agent hiring for your organization in Nigeria

As a multinational firm expanding into the Nigerian market, developing a local connection is essential to increasing and maintaining impressive sales numbers. You can achieve this by setting up a local entity in Nigeria or working with local business partners. While there are many partnership options available, undergoing the sales…
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hiring a business manager in Nigeria

Hiring a business manager in Nigeria

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash   As your multinational company begins establishing its presence in the Nigerian market, you will begin hiring quality local staff to ensure your business’s success as a new entrant. Your first hire will most likely be someone to fill the role of a business manager in Nigeria.…
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business consultant in Nigeria

How to engage a credible business consultant in Nigeria

Consulting firms are great resources for learning general information about Nigeria’s market. When you hire a business consultant in Nigeria, you’re employing a professional who has worked with international companies on projects that span several industries and sectors within the country. You’re also giving your company an opportunity to form…
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