doing business in the Nigerian market


Nigeria – Africa’s Largest Economy

Learn why your organization needs to be in Nigeria and how to set yourself up for a win in Africa’s largest economy.

Buildings on Ahmadu Bello Way in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is an important commercial hub for your Marketing Strategy in Nigeria

The Proven Marketing Strategy for Business Growth in Nigeria – An African Business Destination

Africa holds a lot of growth opportunities for companies - both local and multinationals - looking to expand ...
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Nigerian business

Nigerian Business: The 8 Reasons to Get Involved

After almost a decade of gaining expertise in optimizing manufacturing plants and processes in North America and Europe, ...
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doing business in Nigeria

The main challenges of doing business in Nigeria

When I started kpakpakpa Inc in 2014, I began with the simple idea of making it easier for ...
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Fuel your business growth in Nigeria

Get insights and practical steps from local business practitioners to help you make informed decisions as you scale your business in Nigeria

Build your supply chain in Nigeria with strategic partners - kpakpakpa

Building out your supply chain in Nigeria: Working with strategic partners

For your business to succeed in Nigeria you have to find the most efficient way of getting your ...
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Medic West Africa Exhibition 2019 - Unearth new business opportunities in Nigeria

How to navigate a hostile business environment and unearth profitable business opportunities in Nigeria

Business in Africa can be very challenging. Business in Nigeria is particularly intimidating and successful business builders have ...
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How to finance your local business in Nigeria

How to finance your local business in Nigeria

For business builders in Nigeria, access to business finance options can be very limited. According to our survey, ...
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How changing government regulations and policies affect your business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, business owners and managers list a "hostile business environment" as one of the top challenges for ...
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Legal requirements for your business partnership in Nigeria

Legal requirements for business partnerships in Nigeria

To expand your business in Nigeria you might have to work in partnership with other businesses to reach ...
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Urban Fish Farm in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria

Powering an Industrial Fish Farm with Solar Power – A Case Study

Agriculture accounts for 30% of economic activities in Nigeria, this equates to about $150 billion annually. As the ...
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Industry Analysis

Get in-depth details  – the opportunities, challenges, and strategies to succeed – of your industry in Nigeria.

Electricity and Money Flow in Nigeria Power Industry

The Nigerian Power Industry: Mapped Out

There are many challenges in the power industry that both homes and businesses in Nigeria have to navigate ...
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financial services in Nigeria

Financial Services in Nigeria: Overview, Opportunities & Challenges

There are opportunities for new entrants looking to operate in the banking sector, as 4 out of 10 ...
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major challenges in the healthcare

Major Challenges in the Healthcare Sector in Nigeria

As organizations look to enter Nigeria’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, understanding the major challenges in the healthcare industry ...
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healthcare in nigeria

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare in Nigeria: General Overview & Opportunities

Healthcare in Nigeria is a growing sector that boasts both challenges and opportunities for multinational companies. In an ...
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challenges in power industry in Nigeria - misaligned incentives

Power industry – misaligned incentives and challenges in Nigeria

There have been major challenges in the power industry in Nigeria since most of its citizens can remember ...
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power and utilities

Power and Utilities in Nigeria: General Overview and Opportunities

As Nigeria’s emerging market continues to grow, more opportunities in the country’s various industries are presenting themselves. As ...
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Expert Insights & Viewpoints

Get a more intimate understanding of your customers through the viewpoint of industry experts.

Increase in Electricity Tariffs in Nigeria – 2020

The electricity tariffs in Nigeria is about to increase in 2020 by up to 49% depending on where ...
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Nigeria Power projects with government funding

How the government can play a role in funding sustainable power projects in Nigeria

In 2019, Nigeria spent over NGN1 Trillion on subsidizing petrol imports into the country. These funds could be ...
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Diesel Generator cost to your business in Nigeria

Your diesel generator – what does it truly cost your business?

A majority of businesses in Nigeria own and operate a diesel generator due to the lack of stable ...
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The Nigeria Economy

Stay anchored to the market with up-to-date with economic new in Nigeria’s ever-evolving market.

Nigerian currency

Nigerian Currency: Economic Policies and Risks

As the manager of a multinational firm, you’re aware of the fact that there are always risks associated ...
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economy of nigeria

Economy of Nigeria Overview – Quick Snapshot

The economy of Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. With a rapidly growing population, where 75.2 percent ...
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Nigerian economy

The Nigerian economy: short and long-term outlook

For any business manager or investor looking to enter an emerging market, it is important to be aware ...
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Resources, Facts & Guide

Get access to a wealth of resources that provide that quick reference you need to hit your most ambitious business goals in Nigeria.

Nigeria travel guides

Nigeria Travel Guides: Preparing for Your Business Trip

As a new entrant in the Nigerian market, chances are you will have to consider several factors for ...
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visiting Nigeria

Factors to be Aware of When Visiting Nigeria for Business

Before visiting Nigeria to attend to business matters, you should be aware of a few important factors to ...
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Around Africa

Navigate the business complexity in Africa’s 54 nations with ease.

Prioritize and Focus on Top Markets in Africa To Fuel Growth

For companies that are building strategies to win in Africa's growth spurt, prioritizing markets across the 54 countries ...
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The Main Challenges of Business in Africa

Africa is emerging as a promising destination for businesses. The attractiveness of the African market is driven by ...
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Choosing a winning strategy in the African market

Developing A Winning Strategy for Sustainable Business Expansion in Africa – Next Decade’s Fastest Growing Market

To some companies, including the Africa market in their growth strategy is something nice to have in their ...
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