Take the hassle out of succeeding in the African market

KPA is a business development agency. We provide end-to-end research, channel development, and strategy services. We help business leaders grow their organization’s presence in the African market.

About KPA

We help multinational companies expand into Africa.

We are an enterprise development agency that develops partnership-driven systems to enable efficient trade across the African market.

We do this because we believe that efficient trade is the key to unlocking sustainable economic development in Africa.

Our continent-wide on-the-ground capabilities helps our clients hit their business growth goals across the African region by providing a wide array of bespoke research, consultancy, and trade facilitation services.

Our ultimate goal—delighting clients with high-quality insights they need to make the right business decision, quickly, at the right time.

Our Mission

We aim to be the ultimate resource in discovery, partnerships and growth for multinational organisations exploring the African market

Our Approach

We leverage our wealth of research-driven unique solutions to meet you exactly where you are on your journey to building impactful enterprises and industries in Africa’s 54-country market opportunity.

A Few Words From Our CEO
"In the last 7 years we've led several Africa expansion and growth projects for multinationals, ranging from $300M – $5B in annual revenue. "

Although it’s easier than ever to do business in Africa and business professionals across borders (thanks to the internet), it’s harder than ever to find commercial partners you can trust to grow your business with you.

That’s why we built KPA – to forge commercial trust across key operators and give global organizations a turn-key approach to open up and grow their business across Africa’s frontier markets.

In the last 7 years we’ve led several Africa expansion and growth projects for multinationals, ranging from $300M – $5B in annual revenue.

Our experience lies in providing customized market research, strategic advice, and connecting clients to trusted commercial partners in Africa.

I’d love for you to give KPA a try.

Nifemi Aluko
Founder & CEO, KPA

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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We're helping multinational clients adequately prepare to thrive in the African market. Backed by a suite of sophisticated services and solutions, KPA brings in-depth insights, diverse experiences, and genuine care to every client engagement to deliver the results you need to exceed your set business goals.