A variety of crafts – paper, glass, ceramics, plastics, you name it…

Repurposed Jewelry

REPURPOSED JEWELRY   If you’re like me, you have a lot broken jewelry – one missing earring, broken clasps, tarnished pieces, etc., and you’ve been keeping them hoping for a miracle. It’s about to happen.  Slip on your craft gloves and enjoy this fun DIY project!   Items Needed: Broken jewelry Pliers Glue Marker/Pen Picture […]

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5 problems facing the craft industry in Nigeria

The local crafts industry in Nigeria is diverse with people making everything from jewelry and furniture, to clothing and accessories. As much as we get to enjoy these creative craft products, the industry does not exist without its challenges. We interviewed some practitioners and they stated the common problems they face running a craft-production business. […]

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Stylish Coaster

I made this coaster and thought I should share the steps that I took to get my final product. Get a decent looking wooden plank and evenly measure how you want to cut it up. Cut off the long side of the plank that is not going to be used. Cut along the measured line […]

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Keep-sake Ornaments: Flower Vase

I was working on some customer’s bridal bouquets a few weeks ago when I realized I wouldn’t be able to make my usual Sunday trip to visit my Grandma. So, I looked at the extra stalks of roses I had and decided to make her a little ornament for her dresser. It’s really simple too. […]

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