The three flows of supply chain

So now that you have a better understanding of your supply chain, let’s discuss the three flows of supply chain. Let’s dive right into it. Supply chain management is the management of these three flows: Material (Product) Flow Information Flow Financial Flow Material (Product) Flow This is the flow of…
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Understanding your supply chain

So you are a business owner or you are just about to start your business and you know the product and service that you offer. If you are lucky enough, you have some customers that are willing to pay for your product or service at a price that makes your…
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Waste Processor: Wecyclers

Wecyclers is a waste collection company based in Lagos. They are¬†contributing to sustainable waste disposal solution in Lagos – a city that that continues to grow in population. Some Lagosians live in neighborhoods without formal¬†waste collection. These neighborhoods are subject to increased flooding, disease spread, and psychological stress that results…
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