The Main Challenges of Business in Africa

Africa is emerging as a promising destination for businesses.   The attractiveness of the African market is driven by trends such as a youthful and growing population thatā€™s rapidly urbanizing, a focus on economic diversification and industrialization, imperative to close the infrastructural gap, and the increase in mobile connectivity.  …
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Choosing a winning strategy in the African market

Developing A Winning Strategy for Sustainable Business Expansion in Africa – Next Decade’s Fastest Growing Market

To some companies, including the Africa market in their growth strategy is something nice to have in their expansion portfolio. However, to entrepreneurs and business managers that are good at spotting opportunities before others, they are prioritizing Africa in their expansion strategy, knowing it’s the most important growth market in…
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Economy of Africa

Economy of Africa Overview – Quick Snapshot

The economy of Africa currently holds one of the largest growth opportunities for companies looking to expand theirĀ global presence. As the second most populousĀ continent with a rapidly growing population, whereĀ 41% of the African population is under the age of 15,Ā the economy of Africa is set to reach $29 trillion by…
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