Clarity on Commercially Viable Business Model to Fuel Mission-Critical Goals
About MiracleFeet

MiracleFeet is an impact-driven organization with the mission to increase access to proper treatment for children born with clubfoot in low- and middle-income countries through partnerships with local healthcare providers.

Founded in 2010 by parents of children born with clubfoot, MiracleFeet has helped change the lives of over 57,000 children in 29 countries. They are the largest global organization solely dedicated to ending this solvable problem for every child born with it, forever.

Executive Summary
  • Industry: Healthcare, Public Policy
  • KitchenAid’s Goals: Identify, develop, and pilot a commercially-viable business model that allows its braces to be sold to a segment of the market that can afford it in order to build a more robust and sustainable approach to fuel its mission.
  • Results: MiracleFeet got better clarity on the addressable market, willingness to pay, and the prospect of developing a “Center of Excellence” clubfoot treatment partnership with a state-of-the-art private hospital in Nigeria.

MiracleFeet, which had partners in Nigeria for it’s donated braces, was looking to explore the viability of a sustainable commercial model to sell it’s braces in Nigeria to a segment of the population that could afford them.

They were looking for a full business development solution that would assist with market research, product registration, distribution, and partnerships to build out the commercial segment that supplements it’s mission to increase access to proper treatment for children born with clubfoot in low- and middle-income countries.


Over a six month engagement, our team provided strategic guidance and a full-suite of commercial development work-plan and activities that was executed alongside MiracleFeet’s global programs team.

Our team in Nigeria:

  • Defined the scope of market research and data-gathering activities to inform the best path to find a feasible hospital to partner with.
  • Interviewed doctors, patients, care-givers, orthopedic surgeons, technicians, and decision-makers to understand the needs and the patient’s journey in finding club foot treatments and solutions.
  • Discovered the best segment of the market where there was viability for commercialization in the private and public sector.
  • Partnered with two of the largest orthopedic hospitals where clubfoot treatments happen in Nigeria to perform a 2-month pilot and learn about doctors and patient’s interaction with MiracleFeet’s product to better tease out the value proposition and test commercial viability.
  • Assisted in product registration requirements to allow easy importation into the country.
  • Registered their trademark to provide trade access within the country.
  • Provided warehousing and logistics services to import and distribute products to public hospital pilot partners.
  • Conducted surveys and patient interviews during the pilot program to identify opportunities to strengthen its commercial model.
Outcome – Clarity on addressable market, market opportunity, and possible sustainable commercial model to fuel mission-critical goals
  • Clarity on addressable market and target partnerships
    MiracleFeet got a clearer sense of the best medical partners in the private and public sector to partner with. Through the market research, it was clear the commercial challenges necessary to overcome to build a business and the patient’s willingness to pay for MiracleFeet’s solutions.
  • Refined approach into the Nigerian market and secured subsequent mission-critical funding
    After the commercial viability research and pilot programs, MiracleFeet grasped the best approach to continue the development of a commercially viable model in Nigeria and began developing a prospective partnership to build a clubfoot treatment “Center of Excellence” with a private hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. This allowed them to secure continued funding to explore and develop this segment of their mission.
Hear it from the people who are delightfully building their business in Africa
Our organization hired KPA to help us evaluate options for a commercial venture in Nigeria. We started the project knowing very little about the landscape and market for our product, so the team's knowledge and local connections were immediately helpful. Nifemi quickly became a trusted advisor as we navigated the inevitable twists and turns of building a business. KPA's proposals, reports, and work were impeccable, and the team in Nigeria did a great job with every activity they were given - from conducting surveys to finding a warehouse for product storage. Our project would not have been successful without KPA - we were incredibly fortunate to find them!
Amanda Springer
Director of Program Solutions
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