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Root cause of Nigeria’s electricity issues?

I know there are lots of factors that contribute to Nigeria’s electricity issues (i.e. corruption, greed, bad leadership), but I’m looking for a simple, factual, …

Fundraising in Nigeria?

What is the process of fundraising in Nigeria? How do new businesses raise capital in Nigeria? What are the different sources through which new ventures …

Foreign Exchange

Where can one source US dollars for the best price? …

Public relations companies of international repute?

Are there any public relations companies of international repute in Nigeria? …

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Lagoshats visits Propak Exhibit 3

LagosHats Visits PROPAK West Africa Exhibit

We visited the PROPAK West Africa Exhibit today (Sep 22, 2016), which was held at the Landmark Events Centre in Lekki, Lagos. The exhibit is … - 5 problems facing the craft industry

5 problems facing the craft industry in Nigeria

The local crafts industry in Nigeria is diverse with people making everything from jewelry and furniture, to clothing and accessories. As much as we get …
Shorter supply chain in Nigeria

The benefits of shorter supply chains in Nigeria

We have given you an understanding of your supply chain and you now know the three flows of supply chain. One of the main goals …

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