Waste Processor: Wecyclers

Wecyclers is a waste collection company based in Lagos. They are contributing to sustainable waste disposal solution in Lagos – a city that that continues to grow in population. Some Lagosians live in neighborhoods without formal waste collection. These neighborhoods are subject to increased flooding, disease spread, and psychological stress that results from unmanaged trash heaps.

Wecyclers started out by offering convenient household recycling service using a fleet of low-cost cargo bikes. With an expansion in operations they now use an array of vehicles to collect trash from households in different neighborhoods of Lagos.

recycler low-cost cargo bike
Wecycler’s Low-cost cargo bikes

During our visit of their collection and sorting facility in Elute Metta, we had an opportunity to see Wecycler’s process.

kpakpakpa.com wecycler's processing facility
kpakpakpa.com Wecycler's facility

Weycler’s collection, separation and aggregation facility.

Wecyclers’ agents go and pick the waste from households that are signed up to their program. Once the waste has been collected, it is brought to the collection facility where it is sorted out into different categories – glass, aluminum, different grades of plastic.

wecycler employee separating waste
kpakpakpa.com wecycler's collected plastic waste
Weycler’s collection, separation and aggregation facility.

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Once the waste is sorted and aggregated, it is then sold to the local Nigerian recycling industry.

kpakpakpa.com wecycler's collected cans
kpakpakpa.com wecycler's green plastic bottles
kpakpakpa.com wecycler's compacted cans
kpakpakpa.com wecycler's brown plastic bottles
Collected waste separated into different categories

Wecyclers gives households an opportunity to capture value from their waste. They reward households with redeemable points based on the volume and quality of recyclables collected. Households can then redeem their points for goods that they value, such as cell phone minutes, basic food items, and household goods.


recycler's waste-collection vehicle
recycler's new waste-collection vehicle unloading
Newer fleet of trash-collection vehicles

Wecyclers have received support from different of organizations because of the positive impact that they are having on the city. They work in partnership with the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). They also team up with private corporations that align their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) with wecycler’s mission.

Contact Wecyclers at

1st Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos

+234-8120-094324, +234-9097-439630

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  1. I’ve tried getting in touch with wecyclers for a couple of weeks. The phone either rings off or is switched off.

    I love their initiative and I think we need to propagate the recycling culture in Lagos. I have a ton of plastic bottles I can’t bear to just throw away. I’d love to get a phone line that gets answered.

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