Math stes purchased at Dosumu Market

Sourcing School Supplies For Our Yearly (2016) Donation

To kick off Lagoshats’ annual donation for this year, we went to Dosumu market to source school supplies and stationery to donate to our school of choice –  St. Jude’s School in Ebute Metta.

At Lagoshats, our mission is to make products that represent Lagos. The yearly proceeds from the sales of our products go towards supporting the public education system. We use the proceeds to purchase school supplies that are donated to a public primary school in Lagos.

school children walking through dosumu market on a monday

We first went into a certain bookstore, and their customer service was horrible. They are apparently the largest distributors of books in the market, so they can afford to lose customers.

Boys are not smiling at Dosumu

After being treated poorly, we went to the store across after spotting some rulers and pencils.

The owner of the store took his time with us and we ended up buying most of the stationery at his store.

Lagoshats discussing stationary requirements with Store owner in Dosumu

They had pencils, markers, sharpeners, mathematical sets, erasers, rulers and all sorts of stationery. For the products that they didn’t have, they would get them from other stores.

Colored Sharpeners

Sourcing Erasers in Dosumu market

Math stes purchased at Dosumu Market

White Board Markers in Dosumu Market

“Business is all relationship”

We really enjoyed the service that Mr. Okezie provided. 

Sochi Okebiz Nigeria - Delaers and Suppliers of Office Material, Statioeries, Import & Export, General Goods & Services

While discussing how impressed we were with his customer service, Mr. Okezie gave us a hint of his business philosophy “Business is all relationship”. We really liked that.

Most of the stationery available were made in China and India. There were some products made in Nigeria, including some notebooks and packs of biro (pens).

Mr. Okezie packing up our school supplies

We sourced all the school supplies for our donation at this store except for the notebooks. Mr. Okezie recommended that we go to Shomolu to get customized notebooks – made to custom order.

After completing our purchase at Dosumu, we stopped at a print shop in Shomolu to order customized notebooks for the St. Jude’s donation. The books were delivered a week after placing the order and the end results look good.

St. Jude Exercie Book Donated by

We are really content with all that we ordered and are really happy that we get to donate yet again to St. Jude’s in Lagos.

After procuring all the school supplies, we had to visit SUBEB (State Universal Basic Education Board) to get the official permission to donate to a public school in Lagos State.

Lagoshats Donation to St. Jude's School

2 thoughts on “Sourcing School Supplies For Our Yearly (2016) Donation

  1. Bravo Lagoshats. Trend setting as always.

    Few things:

    What was the name of the first supplier you went to?

    Have you thought of conducting a periodic school suppose drive? People can either donate stationary directly or go through a retailer and have them deliver the supplies to the benefactor schools?

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    • Hi Ayo. Thanks a lot! The first supplier that we went to is named A Chidozie Nigeria Enterprises. They had really bad customer service. However, we were at Dosumu market and maybe should not have expected much for customer service…lol.

      We hadn’t seriously thought of the periodic school drive idea till now. It’s a great idea and could be an excellent way to expand to donating to more public schools. To get even more frequent donations, we could try conducting these school drives. So far, we’ve focused on wholesale purchasing in order to get the lowest prices for the school supplies. Thanks for the feedback.

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