Prof. Katherine Casey: Involvement of Government in Manufacturing

involvement of government in manufacturing

KatherinSGSB-0467-Kate_CaseyRTe Casey is an Assistant Professor of Political Economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She teaches a Strategy Beyond Markets course for first year MBAs that is tailored to the particular opportunities and challenges facing firms investing in developing economies. Katherine holds a PhD in Economics from Brown University and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. She has worked as a consultant for the World Bank in Madagascar, the Comoros and Indonesia, and has spent several years working with the Government of Sierra Leone.

During our conversation, Prof. Katherine Casey introduced us to non-market factors and how they can be applied to the manufacturing industry. She talked about incentives that can be used to get government involvement in manufacturing. We also talked about financing & the effectiveness of development aid.

*Let’s take this moment to remember those that were affected by the deadly disease that ravaged through the West African region. Let’s also remember how to prevent the spread of the disease*

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