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Getting Official Permission To Donate To A Public School in Lagos State

This is going to be a short instructional article on how to get official permission to donate to a public school in Lagos state.

Before we can officially make our yearly donation to a public school in Lagos State, we have to get official permission to do so. We thought it would be informative to share this piece of information with the world, in case any one out there is thinking about making donations to a Lagos Public School.

Lagos State requires all donations to be registered with SUBEB (State Universal Basic Education Board) to account for the amount of provision to each school.

We visited SUBEB on Nov 15, 2016, just a week before we planned to donate to St. Jude’s Primary School in Elute Metta.

Here are the steps we took to get permission for our donation:

Step 1:

List all what you have purchased for donation to include in your letter to SUBEB.

Step 2:

Address a letter to the chairman of SUBEB to request authorization from them.

In this letter you should specify all that is contained in your donation. Your letter should include the quantity you intend to donate, the date you plan on donating, the school you want to donate to and a brief description of what your establishment does.

The letter provides Lagos State Government with a record that states the donation that your establishment made.

Step 3:

Get your letters authorized (signed) by the chairman of SUBEB. It could take a couple of days to get the authorization but it always helps to know someone that could facilitate the process.

Step 4:

SUBEB then notifies the local government of the school that you are donating to. They let the local government and the school know the time of your donation and what you plan to donate. In our case, they notified the Lagos Mainland local government.

Final Step:

Head over to the school on your intended date of donation. If SUBEB has notified the school, you’ll arrive at the school with a great reception. Once we arrived at the school, we were welcomed by SUBEB, Local Government and School officials.

The chairman of SUBEB was extremely encouraging and gracious. When we met him, he said a prayer for us and hopes that we could spread our donation efforts to other schools in Lagos. 

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