Marketing Specialist: Azad Abdullahi

Marketing Specialist, Azad Abdullahi on Nigeria is Enterprising

On this episode of “Nigeria is Enterprising”, we talk with Azad Abdullahi, a marketing specialist, who tells us about how he got into marketing and provides some local insights on what it takes to market your product or service successfully in Nigeria.



Interview Highlights

  • Things that are important when marketing in Nigeria: Tapping into local insights and paying attention to context.
  • Advice for mulitnationals entering the Nigeria market: Forget what you know about marketing globally when it come s to marketing in Nigeria.
  • What made the pepsi “long throat” campaign one of the most succesful marketing campaigns in Africa?
  • Advice for new entrants in the Nigeiran market: Be observant and seek counsel from experts that understand the market.


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