Prof. Pedro Gardete: The benefits of information sharing in business

During our conversation with Prof. Pedro Gardete of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, we discussed the benefits of information sharing among competitors in the business world especially within the manufacturing industry. Professor Gardete specializes in marketing strategies in contexts of high uncertainty. In his current work he studies the DRAM manufacturing industry and analyzes the use and value of market research information to aid in decision-making on significant industry investments.

“When you share information you make better decisions”

Gardete’s research found that in certain industries sharing information is actually better for competitors than hoarding it, and it’s good for customers too. There are times when pooling information can help you get big-picture perspective, avoid market turbulence and build a stronger company in the long run.

Besides talking about the benefits of information sharing, we also spoke about recent global consumer trends and the importance of storytelling for brands.

Enjoy the conversation.

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