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Accents & Art is that rare gem that stands out in its surroundings. After minutes of moving through the sometimes dusty roads that lead you to Bubiashie, you would notice Accents & Art once you see it. It is a swanky and fun building that let’s you know that something interesting is going on inside

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The interior and exterior of Accents & Art

As you go inside, you can already sense the vibe of a well-run business. From the security check-in at the gate, the attire the workers are wearing and how you are attended to.

Taking a tour in the showroom, you start to see what is so unique about Accents & Art. From the unique pieces of metal work to the creatively designed pieces of furniture, you quickly realize that what Accents & Art does is very unique. Each piece is locally designed and manufactured at the shop.

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Some of the many different accessories built at Accents & Art

Usually when you enter a manufacturing plant, there is usually a sense of dullness and an automated lack of – what’s the word? Hmmm, yeah, “soul”. This is not what you feel when you walk into Accents & Art. Here you feel inspired, you see creative finished products; you see people working on new products and there is something that remains very human about this type of manufacturing. It’s like soul music, let’s call it “soul manufacturing”.

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Factory Floor at Accents & Art

It all stems from the owner & founder of Accents & Art – Constance Swaniker. After speaking to her, you get the sense that the entire business embodies what she believes in and what she wants to achieve. An artist at heart, Constance has a vision of making a bigger impact in her community and also globally.

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Art pieces and house accesories created by the founder, Constance Swaniker 

“Accents & Art is more than a business, it is a wholehearted passion to carry on the tradition of handcrafted iron – A passion to fulfill clients’ visions for the truly distinctive and extraordinary both in style and quality”. Started in 2000, this passion has led her down the path of creating a sustainable business that is now employing the youth to think creatively and to use their hands to make something of value for their clients.

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Constance Swaniker, founder of Accents & Art, stands next to piece she created and exhibited in France.

It doesn’t stop there. She is now in the process of opening and developing a new Art & Design Institute in Accra, Ghana. They already initiated the program this year that trained 100 students in the art of metal-work and wood-work.

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Training room for students

Who are some of these trainees, you may ask. They are young people with varying backgrounds. The motto at Accents & Art is, if you are willing to learn, then you can achieve and make anything.

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Designs created by trainees. The second piece was made by an accountant. Who would have thought that accountants could be so good with wood/metal? 🙂

So next time you want a nice looking furniture piece for your house – One that will reflect your unique personality, or you are just looking to get inspired by works of others. Swing by Accents & Art. They will kindly welcome you with open arms.

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