Simple Baileys Cream and Coconut Dessert coconut dessert
So, I made the ‘no fuss coconut cake’ last weekend- Thanks @T-tos!! It was beyond yummy, and easy to make too.
I decided to use the coconut cake to make a lil dessert/night cap to wrap up the weekend (last Sunday) and relax one last time before the week started…
All you need is a shallow glass, or small glass bowl, a shot (or two) of Bailey’s original, the no fuss coconut cake, and vanilla ice cream.
Prep: Make the no fuss coconut cake by T-tos.
If you don’t want to bake the cake, use any coconut cake.
1) Cut 2 slices of the ‘no fuss coconut cake into cubes
2) Place 3 fourths of the cake cubes at the bottom of the glass/ bowl
3) Pour the Bailey’s into the glass, pour enough to drench the cake (don’t over do it o).
4) Place a scoop of Vanilla ice cream over the cake and Baileys mixture
5) Garnish the ice cream scoop with the remaining cake cubes…
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