Perfect Weekend Cocktail – The Wellington

First of all, you should know that I named this drink “the Wellington” a few minutes ago…so don’t go up to a bartender demanding “the Wellington” without knowing what it is, before the guy (or babe) will try and shame you.

So, a little background on this drink… I really like Grand Marnier and I’m always looking for new drinks that include it.  For those who don’t know, Grand Marnier is a premium french liquer; it’s a blend of cognacs infused with oranges. About 2 years ago, I started drinking Grand Marnier and ginger juice on the rocks or neat (especially on ‘turn up’ type nights, lol).

At a bar one lovely Friday night, they didn’t have ginger juice, but had ginger beer instead… I tasted the mixture, asked the bartender to add fresh lime juice, and Behold! My fav drink was created!

This drink is really versatile, great on nights you really want to let loose and leave all your worries on the dance floor, or for chill nights with friends or a hot, relaxing day at the beach:


– Grand Marnier

– Ginger Beer

– Lime juice (better fresh)

– Ice

– Lime for garnish (if you’re fancy)



1)Put ice cubes in glass

2) Pour a double shot of Grand Marnier into the glass with ice

3) Cut 2 slices of lime ( 4 semi circles) squeeze the juice from the limes into the glass, and put the limes  in the glass of Grand Ma.

4) Pour the ginger beer into the lime juice and Grand Marnier mixture. Pour the ginger beer to taste, depending on how strong you want this drink.

-Less ginger beer in the mixture for the action nights, and more ginger beer for the chill/relaxing days and/or nights.

ENjoY!! And please drink responsibly 🙂

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