Stylish Coaster

I made this coaster and thought I should share the steps that I took to get my final product.

  • Get a decent looking wooden plank and evenly measure how you want to cut it stylish coaster
  • Cut off the long side of the plank that is not going to be used. stylish coaster step 2
  • Cut along the measured line into separate pieces which will be used for the stylish coaster stylish coaster step 4
  • Each piece is slightly uneven. Using the shortest piece, measure the excess wood on each of the other pieces and cut it off to make each piece even. stylish coaster step 5 stylish coaster step 6 stylish coaster step 6b
  • You can leave the edges sharp but I thought it will be cool to have curved corners. So using a pen and a round container, draw the curves that you will like on the corners. stylish coaster step 7
  • Use a “grinder” to saw off the sharp edge to get the rounded edges. stylish coaster step 8a stylish coaster step 8b
  • Use a saw-paper to smoothen the entire surface of the stylish coaster step 9b
  • Drill a hole in the corner of all six stylish coaster step 10
  • With a cylindrical stick that fits into the hole, glue the stick to the hole of the bottom piece (this will be the holder for the other coasters). stylish coaster step 11a stylish coaster step 11b
  • Place other coasters through the stick and stylish coaster step 12
  • Place on your table and feel a little bit fancy while hosting your next stylish coaster step stylish coaster Final

There are so many things that could have been done to refine the final product. I could have coated it to give it a glossy look or inscribed some quotes or logos into each coaster or maybe painted it with different colors.


What will you do with the coaster?


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