How do I successfully market and distribute my clothing line in Nigeria?

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The customer was in the process of expanding its U.S apparel line to Nigeria. They wanted to connect with a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry that would provide insights on marketing and distribution of clothing & fashion accessories in the Nigerian market.


Within a week, we facilitated a phone consultation with one of our most successful business owners in the fashion industry. Through the conversation, our client was given the insights he needed to come up with a strategy on how to understand trends in the Nigerian fashion scene, how to market its product, and different distribution strategies particularly in the huge metropolitan – Lagos. The client was so impressed with the results, he signed up for a follow-up conversation with the same expert.


“My conversation with a fashion expert was very fulfilling. He gave a lot of insight into his business and gave wonderful advice to help with my business. He was able to give answers to all the questions that I had, and he provided a practical, optimistic and encouraging outlook with regards to entering the industry. I was very happy with the quality of the conversation. Excellent!” – CEO, Apparel Line.


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