Keep-sake Ornaments: Flower Vase


I was working on some customer’s bridal bouquets a few weeks ago when I realized I wouldn’t be able to make my usual Sunday trip to visit my Grandma. So, I looked at the extra stalks of roses I had and decided to make her a little ornament for her dresser. It’s really simple too.

What you need:

  1. An old jar, bottle or container that looks like it will make for a good vase.IMG_20140906_205240
  2. Some roses. I used faux-roses. They’ll stay where I put them till I’m tired of seeing them. Perfect center pieces.IMG_20140906_205328
  3. Spray Paint. This is available in so many different colors. I like metallic options for projects like this.IMG_20140906_205525
  4. ‘Decoration’. I had planned to use these diamante pieces before, but I opted for the ribbons you see in the finished product.IMG_20140906_205401

How to make  the vase:

  • Peel of labels and paper on the bottle or jar you have chosen. You may need to use some water and a hard brush to get all the glue and bits of paper off. You need a smooth surface to work on.
  • Spray the container with the color(s) you have chosen. You can be creative and mix colors.IMG_20140906_205625
  • Decorate your vase. I started out with these, but I didn’t think my color choices were great. (Spot the re-purposed tweezers)IMG_20140906_212024
  • Finish up your vase with the flower arrangement.


You’re done!

I got this sprayed-bottles idea from my sister when we made the center pieces for her wedding reception last year. We collected old wine bottles, peeled off the labels, sprayed them, and handed them to our decorator. It was an exciting family DIY project, even Daddy got involved. They worked beautifully with the wedding theme.


Have a great week!

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  1. Yes you can use beer and coke bottle s too.

    Hi Dami. Thanks. The spray on the surface of the glass bottle can get scratched up. That can easily be fixed by adding another coat of paint. So until the bottle gets broken we’re alright

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