Bottle-cap earrings: Love Africa

So I saw a friend from Zimbabwe wearing this cool bottle-cap earring, so I decided to make one. You may ask what a bottle-cap is. It is a coke or fanta cover.

Things you need:

Two bottle caps.

Spray paint

Paint markers or permanent markers

Earring hoops.

some extra time 🙂

1) Use a pair of pliers to bend out the outer edge of each counter. You can do this by hand, but that will just take time.

2) Remove that rubber wrap in the counter.


3) Spray the counter with paint. You can also paint the counter with regular paint and a brush.


4) Looking good so far huhn? 🙂


5) Put a hole in the bottle cap with a small nail and a hammer. Even better, you could use a metal punch. Whatever method you use, be careful.


6) Design the painted bottle cap. Be creative, this is where you can show your distinctive style.


7) Place the earring hooks in the holes in the bottle cap.


8) Here you have your Love Africa bottle-cap earrings.


9) Don’t forget to put your signature behind your new earrings 😉


Forget those diamonds, now you have the perfect Valentine’s day gift. You’re Welcome 🙂



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