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kpakpakpa is an information and advisory service firm that is transforming the way organizations develop and expand their business in the Nigerian market. Helping managers reach their business goals in Nigeria - Expidiently.

Trusted by top multinationals

Dear Business Manager



I'm Nifemi, Founder and Egagement Manager here at kpakpakpa


Let's get to the crux of the matter. You are here on this website becuase you're hungry to expand your organization's business in Nigeria


I started kpakpaka Inc a little over four years ago simply as a website to solve the problem of the difficulty of finding credible business information about Nigeria, online. The website evolved into a useful go-to resource for business builders looking for market insights and advice on how to grow their business in Nigeria.


Over the years, my growing network of industry experts and I put our results-based system of helping multinational firms grow in the Nigerian market into action. By providing a quick and efficient way of accessing quality information, connecting with trustworthy local business partners, and identifying potential risks, our clients trust us to help them strategically develop and grow their sales channels in Nigeria.


Fast forward to today, and...


We are a growing Information and Advisory firm in Nigeria working with top NYSE- and NASDAQ-listed multinational firms that are prioritizing the Nigerian market (and the West African Region) as a huge growth opportunity for their business.


Your dedicated local support team and "on-ground" business experts

Business and sales managers come to us when they are frustrated with the slow pace of growth that they are experiencing in their expansion efforts.


OR when new entrants are confused and anxious about where exactly to start in the Nigerian market.


When you hire us, you immdiately plug into a dedicated team of highly-qualified professionals, industry experts, and consultants to help you reach your growth goals in the Nigerian market. Quicker.


Our job is to help you navigate an opaque, competitive, and dynamic business landscape in Nigeria by providing you with quality market insights, access to trustworthy business partners, and actionable strategies to ramp up and meet your business objectives quickly.


ALL AT A FRACTION OF THE COST it takes for your organization to staff a team internally (plus you don't have to deal with frequent internaional flights, hotel costs, and the headache of building and staffing a large team).

Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple - helping local and global enterprises succeed in the Nigerian market.

We strongly believe that well-funcitioning enterprises solve problems, create tremendous value, and improve the quality of life of people.

By being the most efficient supplier of quality market information, professional contacts, and actionable strategic advice in Nigeria, we march along in our mission to help entrepreises succeed - one delighted client at a time.

If You’re looking for an ‘Easy button to riches’ OR to ‘Quick-Sales’ Please kindly leave this webiste.

If you are looking for "quick-sales" or an "easy button to Nigerian riches"... or you just want to take advantage of the "huge" Nigerian market so that your "African numbers" can look good for a quarter...


OR You see Nigerian as a huge market with a lot of consumers and you just want to dump your products without respecting or creating any value for the people you want to sell to.


OR You just don't care about the type of people you work with - any backlash about illegal or unethical practices do not really distrub you nor your organization's image.


Then you should leave this website right now.


Building a business in a new market is a lot of WORK.


When your business is up and running, it can be all you imagined. Sales growth. Increased global presence. Steady revenue on cruise control.


But it takes a lot of WORK to get it started and running.


Marketing your business and finding the right sales channels is 90% of battle and that's what we work on for you.


We put the same dedication into your business to make the engines run smoothly as we put into our business.


We take a very common-sense approach in growing your business. No fancy tricks that don't provide results.


Just measurable results-driven KPIs and ROI for you and your team. AND we do it efficiently.


That's the kpakpakpa way.

The kpakpakpa Crew

Our crew is a network of highly-professional business specialists, industry experts, and consultants.

Running The Crew

Nifemi founded kpakpakpa in 2014 with the sole purpose of providing access to credible information about Africa.


Nifemi has steadily built a record of helping individuals and organizations succeed in the region. Starting his career at Rockwell Automation, Nifemi gained over 8 years of experience helping industrial companies in the U.S, Canada and Europe maximize production output and reduce cost.


Nifemi holds a B.S in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, a M.S in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Through a responsive, thorough, and collaborative engagement model, we understand our client's business 'inside-out' and deliver measurable results that help them accelerate to their business goals in Nigeria


Quality Market Insights

Credible Business Partners

Efficient Sales Channels

Resilient Expansion Strategies


Here's what you do if you'd like for us to efficiently help you expand and develop your organization's 'business in Nigeria

We help businesses like yours make informed decisions and build effective sales channels to grow and expand in the Nigerian market. Whether you are a small mission-driven start-up or large multinational firm.


Our expertise is to help you get to your business objectives, scale up, and expand quickly.


What we do is not a secret. We are very open about what has worked for us and our clients.


That is why we consistenly publish scores of articles about ways to expand your business in Nigeria.


You can get on our mailing list, or download one of our free guidebooks and industry analysis.


One of our most downloaded guides is the "Manager's guidebook to doing business in Nigeria". In this guide we share INSIGHTS and ANSWERS to frequently asked questions by managers trying to grow their business in Nigeria.


We provide ACTIONABLE steps on getting quality market information, building robust market-entry strategies, and sourcing credible channel partners.


All for FREE.


So download the guidebook NOW.


Or, if you think you’re ready to schedule a call with us, you can do that here


You can also see testimonials from our delighted clients here.


Best Wishes & Continued Success


Nifemi Aluko

Founder & Engagement Manager

Johannes Fischermann Business Manager RSA & Sub-Sahara

Highly professional and outstanding support!

kpakpakpa delivered outstanding support to our team. The market study prepared regarding the NIGERIAN refinish market was very comprehensive and helped us to define the right strategy for our products. We highly appreciated the way the project was handled, especially the very close follow up and the way our engagement manager adjusted the study based on up-coming requests. Also the contacts and potential partners found were highly professional.