KPA is a business development agency. We provide end-to-end research, channel development, and strategy services. We help business leaders grow their organization’s presence in the African market.

What we do

We provides a low-risk approach for global manufacturers and innovative organizations to actively reach and grow their customer base across the African market.

Our Approach

We use time-tested approaches and develop unique solutions to meet you exactly where you are at on your journey to building impactful enterprises and industries in Africa’s 54-country market opportunity.

Who we are

We are an enterprise development agency that develops partnership-driven systems to enable efficient trade across the African market.

We do this because we believe that efficient trade is the key to unlocking sustainable economic development in Africa.

Our continent-wide on-the-ground capabilities helps our clients hit their business growth goals across the African region by providing a wide array of bespoke research, consultancy, and trade facilitation services.

Our ultimate goal—delighting clients with the high-quality insights they need to make the right business decision at the right time.

Become an engine that facilitate enormous human development in the largest growth opportunity over the next 20 years


Why We Do What We Do

Our journey at kpakpakpa began with an attempt to tackle one simple problem: how do you find credible information and reliable business partners in Nigeria. Most of the relevant information needed to succeed in Nigeria can only be found through informal networks or having the expertise of knowing where to find that information.

Since we started kpakpakpa in 2014, we focused on the core value that embodies the meaning of the term “kpakpakpa” – which signifies doing things quickly, efficiently and with ease. We apply this same approach to everything that we do as we connect our clients with the right business information and resource that they need.

Our Mission

We then set an ambitious goal to be the enterprise that blazes the trail on how quality information is shared and how credible business is done in Africa. Using technology and current tools to ease how valuable information and expertise is shared to make a positive impact on the African continent.

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