Who we are

kpakpakpa.com is a network of business owners, entrepreneurs, makers, experts and opportunists who value the power of collaboration to succeed at their respective endeavors. At kpakpakpa, we are all about connecting the right people with the right information, at the right time. In a centralized location, you can connect with Nigerians of varying expertise. Our network of experts learn by sharing credible information between one another. Through repeated collaboration, the entire network benefits from the aggregate knowledge shared.

Join the new way Nigerian professionals share expertise and learn.

Our Mission

Our journey began with how to make information-sharing more efficient in Nigeria. Since we started kpakpakpa in 2014, we focused on the core value that embodies the meaning “kpakpakpa” – which signifies ease  and speed through which credible information is accessed.

We then set an ambitious goal to spotlight and aggregate the knowledge of how things are done and made in Africa. Using technology and current tools to ease how information is shared to connect with the people around us and the world.