Body Care Product Maker: Skin Beauty

Skin Beauty Limited is a beauty & body care product company that manufactures products in Lagos, Nigeria.

This well established company makes an array of products for the local Nigerian market.

They produce a range of products – lotions, fragrances & powders.

Skin Beauty was incorporated in 1998. Before then, the company had been deeply involved in the cosmetics business for over 20 years. Processing Line 1


One of the many advantages of manufacturing is that it creates a lot of jobs. Skin Beauty hires a good amount of workers that create products to meet the needs of a demanding Nigerian market. Skin Beauty Processing Line 2 Skin Beauty Front end production


Skin Beauty is not immune to any of the challenges that plague manufacturers in Nigeria. Despite the challenging environment,they operate a well-run factory. It has all the required equipment to get the job done, a well-organized staff and the required back-up generator to compensate for inconsistent power supply. Skin Beauty Power Source Skin Beauty Generator


Among other things, Skin Beauty also house its own R&D Lab. Here is where all the new products are formulated and tested before they are put into production. Skin Beauty Lab Skin Beauty Lab 2


Skin Beauty also provides corporate & promotional branding services . Product packaging can be designed or customized to reflect company colours & logos, personal messages and more.

Skin Beauty Limited can be contacted at +(234)703 406 4006

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