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Getting Everyone One Excited During Our 2016 Lagoshats Donation

Our 2016 Donation To St. Jude’s Primary School

On the 21st of November, 2016, we made our yearly donation to St. Jude's Primary School in Ebute ...
Math stes purchased at Dosumu Market

Sourcing School Supplies For Our Yearly (2016) Donation

To kick off Lagoshats' annual donation for this year, we went to Dosumu market to source school supplies and stationery to ...

Waste Processor: Wecyclers

Wecyclers is a waste collection company based in Lagos. They are contributing to sustainable waste disposal solution in Lagos ...

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NAFDAC Registration - Things to know when registering a product in Nigeria

6 Things to know when registering a product in Nigeria

Whether a product is manufactured in Nigeria or the product is imported from a foreign manufacturer, some products ...
Steps to incorporate a foreign company in Nigeria

5 Steps To Incorporate A Foreign Company In Nigeria

Foreign companies that make an entry into the Nigerian market usually mitigate their risk initially by partnering with ...
The legal basics of distributing your products in Nigeria

The Legal Basics of Distributing Your Products in Nigeria

A lot of international firms especially those new to the market, usually mitigate their risk by working with ...

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What is the best bank for small businesses in Nigeria?

What is the best bank for small businesses in Nigeria? I am looking for opinions based on experience from people that have set up corporate ...

Contractual agreement for consultants in Nigeria?

What are the legal binding agreements that consultants and contractors have to take into consideration when taking up on a project in Nigeria? Are there ...

What internet provider do you use in Lagos?

I currently use the Swift 4GLTE portable mifi. The service so far has been reliable however it does not seem to cover a wide range ...

How often do you replace your diesel generator in Nigeria

I want to understand how often people replace their diesel generators in Nigeria. Take the three polls below to provide your answer. Click on vote ...

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Legal Practitioner: Tunde Ibidapo-Obe

Legal Practitioner: Tunde Ibidapo-Obe on Nigeria is Enterprising

On this episode of Nigeria is Enterprising, we talk with Tunde Ibidapo-Obe, a legal practitioner and the founder ...
Marketing Specialist, Azad Abdullahi on Nigeria is Enterprising

Marketing Specialist: Azad Abdullahi

On this episode of "Nigeria is Enterprising", we talk with Azad Abdullahi, a marketing specialist, who tells us ...
FMCG Distributor, Ayo Salako discusses the logistics industry in Nigeria in this episode of Enterprising in Nigeria

FMCG Distributor: Ayo Salako

In this episode of "Nigeria is Enterprising", we interview Ayo Salako - a fast-moving consumer goods FMCG distributor ...

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Different way of marketing products and services in Nigeria

The different ways of marketing products and services in Nigeria

The Nigerian market can be very difficult to crack. It is still a very fragmented, making it challenging ...
Lagoshats Donation Roundup

Getting Official Permission To Donate To A Public School in Lagos State

This is going to be a short instructional article on how to get official permission to donate to ...
Man making a product for his business

From Idea to Product: The 7 steps you need to start a business

The execution of a plan that brings a product or service from idea to actuality can be daunting ...

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4 reasons why Nigerians abroad do not do business in Nigeria

We surveyed Nigerians that live abroad to find out the challenges they have faced with doing or starting ...
Your Content in your Dashboard

Website update: New dashboard makes it easier for you to access all your content

We are excited to showcase our new website. The main focus of this iteration was to increase the ...