What’s the price of limestone per ton?

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Nifemi Aluko answered 2 years ago

So I did a quick search on Alibaba and it shows that limestone coming from Nigeria is priced between $12 and $56.


This is obviously a wide range that fluctuates and the market will probably determine how much you can get at a particular time.
As for how to valuate limestone that is still in the ground. From what I have read online, it is pretty difficult to have a particular valuation of unexplored minerals because of fluctuation in commodity prices and also the lack of knowledge of how much mineral that is in ground.


The main thing that I took from the article above (and this may just apply in the U.S, but a point of reference nonetheless) is that in order to get the maximum value for the minerals in your land, you should have a lot of bidders and prospective buyers. Their bids will provide you with information on how the market currently values your land.