What make and model Inverter do you use in Nigeria

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Abdulkamal Abdullahi answered 1 year ago

I use an inverter from PRAG. They seem to be a very professional outfit that offers great comprehensive service as well as excellent after-sales support.

Chinedu Igbokwe replied 1 year ago

Do you happen to remember the model number?

Abdulkamal Abdullahi replied 1 year ago

Sure. It is the PT-INV-4KVA/5KW 24V-Color LED, Wall-H

Details can be found here:

Chinedu Igbokwe replied 1 year ago


Damilola Aluko answered 1 year ago

My parents use a combination of Su-Kam (http://m.su-kam.com/power-solution/inverter-ups/fusion-series-pure-sine-wave-commercial-ups) and (Kevin http://www.privateelectric.com.ng/product/kevin-pure-sinewave-inverter-10kva180v-inverter/). The Su-Kam version is 3.5KVA, while the Kevin version is 10KVA. I believe both brands are manufactured in India. My parents use this with an array of 15-20 batteries.

Chinedu Igbokwe replied 1 year ago