What internet provider do you use in Lagos?

Nifemi Aluko asked 1 year ago

I currently use the Swift 4GLTE portable mifi. The service so far has been reliable however it does not seem to cover a wide range (i.e distance from device to mifi) and the data depletes at a rate that is faster than what is actually being used.

I was wondering what other people use. Just for comparison, I want to know what internet provider or service you currently use? How would you rate the service – reliability and range? What is the cost per data usage? Thanks.

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Azad Abdullahi answered 1 year ago

I have both Spectranet & Smile. I used Swift a while back but their plans just stopped being as competitive as the others and I also experienced the same data depletion issue you have been having. 

All pros and cons considered, I’d say Spectranet wins for me. The greatest weakness they might have is coverage as they may not have strong coverage in certain areas in Lagos/Abuja. However, if you are in an area they cover, their plans are great, the customer service has been good (in my few encounters with them), and the pricing seems fairly reasonable.
My second choice would be Smile who started off extremely reliable but considerably more expensive. However, with prices going up on all the competing brands, their plans seem a lot more realistic. They have an Unlimited* plan for just under 20k a month that I was using comfortably for a while (This however got throttled if they considered your usage to be excessive – Never happened to me though). Lately, I haven’t used Smile much as I have been fairly comfortable with my Spectranet, however I have heard from others that it is no longer as dependable as it once was. Comparatively weaker download speeds, unreliable connections etc.
There are even newer players in the Market now as certain Cellphone providers like Etisalat have upgraded to 4G. I have used this on my phone and while tethering I got really great results. The only issue is that the 4G connectivity is still rolling out in different areas so it’s not always available.
nTel (another new player) apparently has a 4G Unlimited plan for N10,000 which I recently heard about. I also plan to test that out pretty soon to see if it is any good.
TL:DR – If it works in your area, Spectranet is probably the better choice right now

Nifemi Aluko replied 1 year ago

Azad, thanks for the info. Will consider testing out spectranet. I have also seen nTel’s offer for 10K a month. Will be interested in the results of their service once you test them out.

David Uthman answered 1 year ago

Currently I use Smile because I shuttle between Ibadan and Lagos for business. The services are reliable in both cities except in some very remote areas. If you are going for speed and don’t mind the cost implication, Etisalat would be the best bet (I have tried out every ISP in Lagos ! Lol)

Nifemi Aluko replied 11 months ago

Thanks for the different options.

Temiloluwa Paul answered 11 months ago

I think Spectranet combines good pricing, coverage and great network. I recommend it all the time.

Nifemi Aluko replied 11 months ago