Frequently asked questions

What does kpakpakpa do?

kpakpakpa provides a platform for individuals and businesses to get credible information and perform simple or complicated market research and due dilligence in Nigeria. Our members use our service to make more informed decision to grow their business.

How does kpakpakpa work?

  • Sign up: Create an account. Signing up is easy and completely free.
  • Ask a question: Do quick research by asking a question and getting it answered by the right people.
  • Connect and talk: Connect directly with industry experts through phone consultation and 1-on-1 meetings. Schedule and pay for expert advice or market research to help you be more productive. Learn more about your industry and new opportunities to grow your business.
  • Make informed decisions: Use the information gathered through Q&As, expert advice and custom market research to make better strategic decisions about your business.


What type of questions can I ask on kpakpakpa?

That’s up to you.  Any question that has not been asked before that will specifically help you and the community more knowledgeable about a topic, a subject or an industry.


Who answers questions on kpakpakpa?

Questions are usually answered by professionals that have expertise or experience in the field that a question is asked.


Can kpakpakpa conduct custom market research for us?

Yes. Some of our clients contact us for custom research project. We provide clients with market research and due diligence services in Nigeria based on their unique needs. We also connect clients with other market research agencies that can get the work done. Contact us here for custom research projects.


Who is kpakpakpa built for?

kpakpakpa is built for entrepreneurs, small-to- medium business owners,  managers,  corporate research teams,  investment firms –  anyone that values credible information for decision-making.

How do I sign up for an account?

You can sign up for an account here and start asking questions, request a consultation or initiate a custom research project.


How do I sign up to be an expert?

Sign up to be an expert here.


How does kpakpakpa verify its experts?

Since our mission is to provide credible information,  we make sure the industry experts in our network are verified.  Each expert goes through a verification process that establishes their expertise on a topic or an industry.


How do consultations with industry experts work on kpakpakpa?

When you want more detailed information about a topic,  you can choose to consult with an industry expert.  Our experts do phone consultations and 1-on-1 meetings. Our experts provide business advisory services, market research, expert advice and guidance on new opportunities.

How much does it cost to have a consultation with an industry expert?

The time of our experts is valuable,  so each consultant sets an hourly fee for time spent providing reliable information. This cost is however a small fraction of what you will pay going to a big consulting firm.


What industries do your experts represent? 

The industry experts and business insiders in our network represent a variety of industries and categories – Manufacturing, Fashion, Food, Telecommunications & Media, Real Estate, Energy & Utilities, Natural Resources and more.