kpakpakpa App Update (v 1.1)

Introducing kpakpakpa App version v1.1 (The bridge – well that’s what we are calling this version).


kpakpakpa is driven by the simple idea of making information-sharing easier. We want to link the right people with the right information. Giving each one of us access to high-quality information from credible sources.


We released the beta version of our app in June 2016. Our first beta-testers were kind enough to use the app and give us some feedback. We really appreciate all the recommendations and feedback on the product.


We listened to your feedback and have made improvements to the app. We are really proud of the improvements that were made in this version, and we hope you like them too.


Try out the new version. Here is a quick summary of what you can do with the new version of the app:


– Access a more streamlined login process.

Easy access to lost password functionality.

“Remember me” option to keep you logged in.



– View Categories.

With categories, you can easily navigate to what you are looking for. 



For instance, business category only shows business content.



Each question can be categorized under multiple categories. 



You can navigate to other categories by clicking the category right under the question.



– Use back button for better navigation especially for iOS users.




– Search more efficiently

Content is easily searchable with a bigger search bar that offers suggestions on what you may be looking for.



– Submit questions and answers quicker

We reduced the time it takes to ask a question by 50%. With the new pop-up submission form you get instantaneous access to the question form, making it easier to ask your questions. 



Easily type in your question title and details.



Categorize your question and submit.



Answer question with the simple answer form directly below the question.



– View point notifications

New notification pop-up let’s you know how when you get new credits for each contribution. Asking a question, giving an answer, keeping your profile up to date – these are among the ways you can acquire kpakpakpa credits



– Subscribe to interesting questions

Subscribe to a question that you are interested in seeing an answer to. You will be notified when that question is answered.



– Upvote questions and answers

Upvote questions that you find interesting



Upvote answers that you find helpful.




– Invite your friends

Referring kpakpakpa to your friends just became easier. Now you can easily share your referral link in your profile with your friends. You get 20 kpakpakpa credits for each referral that signs up as a member. If you refer more than 10 people, you become a kpakpakpa Ambassador. Read more about that here – What are kpakpakpa credits?



– Access an all-in-one profile dashboard

Keep track of all your activity – questions, answers, credits and referrals in your profile dashboard.



We can’t wait for you to try it out. We would also love if you could let us know if you have other areas of improvement. Thank you for all the feedback.

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