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Your expertise is very valuable. Here’s why you’ll love being a kpakpakpa expert


Build your reputation and expand your audience base as you help businesses grow and learn client needs.

Extra Income

Earn some side income for consulting and sharing your expertise with businesses and organizations that need your insight.


Set your hourly rate and decide when you want to consult and how often you want to share your expertise.


"The client wanted to learn about strategies for recruitment and raising capital to expand his polytene factory in Nigeria. I assisted him with organizational structure and how he could create a compelling case to get funded by investors."

Industrial Consultant

"The customer wanted on-the-gorund input of the market landscape of a solar product that their company was launching in another African country. I helped them learn about their competition and the market feasibility of their product in Nigeria. "

Head of Research Agency

Here are 3 ways to share your expertise with our clients:

Phone Consultations

One-on-one phone conversations with clients providing advice and sharing knowledge on area of expertise.

Expert Panels

Participation in expert panels with other thought-leaders and experts to aid a client’s evaluation process.

Custom Strategic Projects

Strategic projects executed by experts and top consultants to meet a client’s short or long-term objective.

Frequently asked questions by our experts

Who can become an expert on kpakpakpa?

Any individual with significant experience in a particular sector or industry in Nigeria.

How do I become an expert on kpakpakpa?

Fill out the brief application here and we will call you to qualify and complete your application. It’s completely free to sign up.

How do I get new projects on kpakpakpa?

Complete your profile, be visible and responsive – that’s it. Our best experts are the ones that have a complete profile, stay visible in the community and respond to request in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours).

What type of projects can I get?

Projects include short-term engagements such as phone consultations and longer term projects (3-12 months consultation engagements). Our clients include entrepreneurs, small business owners, researchers, large corporations, NGOs located both locally (in Nigeria) and internationally (outside Nigeria).


We are seeking high-quality individuals with credible expertise on a particular industry, topic or subject-matter.

Apply to be a part of our community. Let's see if you are a good fit.